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A neurological illness can take many forms, from a brain tumor to epilepsy, from the stroke of an aneurysm bleed to the dystonias of cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease.  Whatever its form, a neurologic illness can be hard to diagnosis and difficult to treat. It may be chronic, acutely life threatening or fatal.

The advance of diagnostic capabilities has paralleled and often enabled treatment of neurological disorders previously considered untreatable. At Maimonides we use the most advanced technology, delivered with skill, compassion and concern.  Our mission is to deliver humanistic health care even in this most technologically sophisticated of fields, providing both state-of-the-art care and sanctuary.  We offer a multi-disciplinary center for the diagnosis and treatment of adults afflicted with neurological disorders. 

Our team of highly trained neurosurgeons and nurses provide state-of-the-art care. Our neurosurgical team provides open surgical treatment for vascular, tumorous and degenerative lesions of the brain, skull base and spine.  Patients and their families have access to the full range of clinical and support services, including pain management, nutritional consultation, psychological and pastoral counseling, social work assistance, complementary modalities and support groups.


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