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Acute stroke intervention


Emergent treatment for acute stroke, in selected cases up to 24 hours from onset of symptoms, can be performed using intra-arterial thrombolytics and/or mechanical thrombectomy devices.

When a stroke occurs, a blood vessel in the brain is usually occluded. IV thrombolytic therapy can only be given in the first 3 hours from the onset of symptoms. Many patients present after 3 hours, or have contra-indications to IV tPA. At Maimonides, we can extend the window for treatment of these patients, in some cases even up to 24 hours, potentially reversing the symptoms for patients who would otherwise have significant neurological symptoms.

Treatment Methods

Intra-arterial tPA

tPA can be given directly into the thrombus up to 6 hours from onset of symptoms, using catheter directed infusion or using the EKOS device, an enhanced ultrasound-producing catheter.

Penumbra Thrombectomy System

The most recent addition to the tools available for acute stroke, the Penumbra system can also be used when thrombolytics are contraindicated. The Penumbra system is designed to suck out the thrombus from the occluded vessel.


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