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Our team of trained pastoral care staff is available to support people of all faiths and religious traditions.  If you need to speak with someone in a language other than English, please let us know so we can arrange multilingual support.


Rabbi Benzion Leser, Senior Director of Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care

Rabbi Benzion Leser is an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who has dedicated his career to providing rabbinical, spiritual and pastoral guidance to those in need. Rabbi Leser was ordained by the Rabbinical College of Bobov Bnai Zion, and has pursued Clinical Pastoral Education in Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network. Rabbi Leser took specialty training in Medical Halacha with Chayem Aruchem and is a certified Halachik decisor. He has been with Maimonides Medical Center since 2007, and serving as director of the Pastoral Care department since 2013. He started his chaplaincy career in 2001, with the New York State Department of Corrections as the Jewish Chaplain in Downstate, Fishkill, and Beacon Correctional Facilities. Rabbi Leser is a member of the hospitals bio-ethics committee and serves on the Professional Advisory Committee for CPE at Healthcare Chaplaincy Network.


Rev. Francis Joojo Obu-Mends, Staff Chaplain

Rev Francis Joojo Obu-Mends is Catholic priest of the Spiritan religious missionary congregation. He is a member of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) and has been a Certified Professional Healthcare Chaplain since 2013.  He has been part of the Maimonides family since 2012. Originally from Ghana (Africa), Francis brings into our Chaplaincy his enriching academic and pastoral life and work experiences in Africa, Europe and United States. He has academic degrees in Philosophy, Theology, Sociology and Health. Here in United States, Francis has served in several Catholic parish communities, notably in Blessed Trinity (Breezy Point) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (Brooklyn). He has worked as healthcare chaplain in LICH, Peninsula (Rockaway), and Brooklyn Hospital.  He pursued Clinical Pastoral Education in Queens Hospital (Jamaica) and since then he has been undertaking continuing education to broaden his clinical pastoral competences.  He is interfaith Chaplain. He serves on the Certification Interview Team of National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Francis brings his relational and linguistics skills to bear on his chaplaincy profession. He has affable, calm, self-giving personality. He is a team player. Apart from English, he is fluent in French, Spanish, German and several African languages.