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Chaplaincy Services

Pastoral and Spiritual Care at Maimonides


Maimonides is responsive to the needs of the diverse communities we serve. Cultural sensitivity is displayed by our chaplains, who provide religious and educational services for staff and patients. In addition, all food preparation in the hospital meets the requirements of the Orthodox Jewish community.

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The department consists of Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and Buddhist Chaplains.


Religious Services

The Chaplains make daily rounds and provide comfort, solace and spiritual guidance to patients. They arrange daily and holiday services, which take place in the hospital synagogue, and in the interdenominational chapel.



As detailed in the hospital charter, all foods served at Maimonides are prepared and cooked in the hospital’s own kitchen with the highest degree of reliable Kashruth. All food preparation is under the constant, strict supervision of the Rabbi of the hospital and his group of six Mashgiachim.


Educational Services

Religious and cultural sensitivity orientation sessions are conducted for staff. The Chaplains respond to all religious questions raised by patients, family members or staff.