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Maimonides Standard Hospital Charges


Maimonides Medical Center is committed to being transparent about our charges. The information at the links below contains the charges for all services and items provided by the hospital. The charges are uniform for all patients served by the hospital.

Click below to see hospital charges as of February 2020 (files are in .csv format).

Please note that hospital charges rarely reflect the expected out-of-pocket expense for a specific hospital service. Your own charges and out-of-pocket expenses will depend on one or more of the following:

  • the actual patient care services received

  • the terms of your insurance coverage, and/or

  • your eligibility for financial assistance (CLICK HERE to learn about our Financial Assistance Program)

Click the following link to see Frequently Asked Questions about standard hospital charges.


For a fuller understanding of your estimated out-of-pocket expenses, you should contact your insurer or call Maimonides' patient financial counseling department at 718-283-6740.