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Midwives, Nurses and Staff

At Maimonides, our principal philosophy is the concept of collaboration. We have brought together an entire team of expert OBGYN staff, whose primary focus is the care of women. Our staff includes excellent midwives, dedicated nurses, and many other experienced professionals, offering you superior multidisciplinary care.

Our Midwives

The Maimonides midwives are focused on the continuity of care throughout the pregnancy, and advocate non-intervention for low risk pregnancies. Our midwives understand the intimate experience of childbirth and are thankful for the trust placed in them to help create a special beginning for mother and child. Founded in 1993, in Borough Park, by visionary director, Phyllis Lynn, CNM-Midwife, MS, the midwifery practice has grown to serve moms all over Brooklyn. Our team includes 14 licensed staff midwives comprised of both senior and junior members, each having passed the rigorous American Midwifery Certification Board Examination. All staff members have received their Master's degree in nursing, are members of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), and possess admitting and discharge privileges at Maimonides Medical Center.  Learn More>

Our Nursing Staff

Another integral part of our OBGYN services is provided by our dedicated nurses. Our outstanding staff comprised of almost 200 certified nurses and nurse practitioners, combine their knowledge, education, experience and compassion, offering patients the most advanced care possible. The nurses collaborate closely with physicians and other medical professions, and care for women with even the most high-risk of pregnancies. Beyond general OBGYN services, they are involved in a wide variety of specialties, such as perinatal care, fetal medicine, genetic testing, and labor and delivery, and are trained to support Skin-to-Skin techniques and breastfeeding. They provide services 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, and are always available to offer you excellent care and the commitment you expect from Maimonides Nurses. 

Our Staff & Volunteers

Beyond our physicians, midwives, and nurses, our dedicated obstetrical team includes expertly trained doulas, patient care technicians, nutritionists, lactation consultants and more. Our staff is fluent in multiple languages and can access additional interpreters if necessary. We all work together to provide you with the safest and highest level of care available.