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Labor and Delivery at Maimonides Medical Center 

More than 8,000 healthy babies are born each year at Maimonides, so we have extensive clinical experience with labor and delivery, from natural childbirth to high risk pregnancies.  Our dedicated obstetrical team includes physicians, nurses, licensed midwives, patient care technicians, nutritionists, lactation consultants and more, all working together to provide the safest and highest level of care available, during one of the most important moments in your life. 

Our years of experience in a multi-cultural community give us the knowledge to deliver care according to a wide range of cultural values and personal preferences. Our diverse staff can speak your language, or will bring in interpreters if necessary. We strive to understand your needs and provide the birthing experience you expect. 

What to Expect

Arriving to the Hospital

When you arrive at the hospital, the first stop is usually a visit to our Maternity Triage area.  Triage is where we will review and evaluate your labor symptoms, and care for any urgent pregnancy issues.  Going into labor can be an intimidating, anxious process, but our team of triage doctors, nurses, and midwives provide support and medical expertise throughout every step of this first stage.  They will monitor the health of you and your baby until you are ready to go into the delivery room.

During Delivery

The labor and delivery room will be your home through your labor and the baby's delivery, as well as during the recovery period. Each patient has their own specialized care team that will be their core team througout their birth.

When you arrive in your labor and delivery room, you will notice the names of your caregivers written prominently on your room's white board in case you need assistance at any time. Nurses will be in your room or nearby during your entire stay. Our goal is to ensure that you have the individualized care you need, when you need it. While your nursing team provies continuous care throughout, our experienced and courteous nursing managers will check in regularly to supervise your progress, and answer any questions you may have.  

Our team also has pain management specialists on hand that will work with your birth plan, medical history, and labor progression to have the best birthing experience possible. 

Antepartum Care: Providing Your Baby with the Best Start

After the baby is born, both child and mother will stay in the delivery room for about an hour, or until the doctor feels the child and mother are stable and ready to move. When ready, we will transport you and your baby to the postpartum area, also known as the Mother/Baby Unit, for rest and recovery. 

We encourage an atmosphere of silence in this environment, and to ensure peace, have a policy called "Quiet Time". Quiet Time is a break in visiting hours, designed to provide time for much needed rest and privacy. Quiet Time benefits both mother and baby by decreasing fatigue, increasing bonding time, and allowing parents to become familiar with their baby's feeding cues. During Quiet Time, one support person is permitted to stay by the bedside.

At Maimonides, we understand the importance of educating new mothers and families on the best ways to ensure babies grow healthy and strong.  All of the nurses on the L&D floor are trained to provide important guidance on the necessity of Skin-to-Skin contact with the infant from moments after birth, as well as the natural benefits of Breastfeeding.

Please Note: Maimonides is proud to participate in Latch on NYC, a NYC Department of Health Breastfeeding Initiative.  As part of the Initiative, and to provide the best care for your baby, Maimonides will no longer distribute formula, literature on formula, or other products that promote formula to new mothers.  Our highly trained Lactation Consultants will be available for support, and to answer any questions. 

Family Time: Creating a Peaceful Environment for New Maimonides Families

We know the birth of a new family member is exciting for the whole family, and visiting is encouraged.  Our Visiting Hours and guidelines however, are strictly followed.  They have been designed to promote rest and newborn bonding, to allow time for healing and learning, to preserve privacy, enhance infant security, and reduce exposure to infection. While the family waits to visit the new arrival, our Patient Family Lounge is available.

If you have any questions about your upcoming labor and delivery, or would like a tour of our facility, please call. Our team looks forward to welcoming your baby into the world.