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Advanced Gynecology Testing and In-depth Clinical Assessment

Maimonides Medical Center is a leader in providing the most advanced diagnostic and genetic testing services available. Our board-certified physicians have extensive experience and training in the subspecialty of diagnostic and genetic testing - they provide patients with superior gynecologic care, combining cutting-edge technology with expert clinical assessment. 

We provide testing, screening, and detailed genetic counseling for women at risk for breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. Minimally-invasive ultrasound-guided procedures are also offered. Ultrasounds are important for carriers of some cancer related genetic mutations, as the test can indicate if a tumor is developing. We perform many other important evaluations, such as assessment of pelvic pain and irregular bleeding, and 3-D and 4-D ultra sound for the assessment of pelvic floor dysfunction. If a problem is detected, we offer our patients referrals to world-renowned surgeons and other specialists here at Maimonides, providing the highest standard of comprehensive and multidisciplinary care.

Diagnostic and Genetic Testing Services

  • Assessment and treatment options for pre-menopausal and post-menopausal conditions
  • Testing, screening, and counseling for female genetic issues
  • Advanced technology for diagnosis and minimally-invasive ultrasound guided procedures using 3-D and 4-D for precise visualization of the endometrial cavity
  • Close ultrasound monitoring for carriers of some cancer-related genetic mutations to measure and track blood flow changes, which can indicate if a tumor is developing
  • Ovarian cyst aspiration
  • Assessment of pelvic pain and irregular bleeding
  • 3-D and 4-D ultra sound for the assessment of pelvic floor pathology
  • Close coordination with referring physicians and other specialists, offering the most comprehensive, multidisciplinary care