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The Maimonides Center for Clinical Simulation

Creating a Team Well-Prepared for Every Emergency 

Maimonides Medical Center delivers more babies than any other hospital in NY State. Yet even with such a high level of real world experience, we continue to insist that our expert team receives rigorous and continuous training.  We use OB/GYN Simulation Training to sharpen our staff's skills and knowledge and to assure all our babies and mothers are healthy and strong.  

The Maimonides Center for Clinical Simulation is a state-of-the art facility dedicated to training both new and seasoned healthcare providers.  Simulation training allows residents, fellows, physicians, and nurses to gain experience with emergency scenarios, in a risk-free environment. Here at the center, the OB/GYN team will get very familiar with Noelle, the high-tech simulation training manikin designed to test medical expertise during delivery.

The simulation center creates all possible crises situations, so that the caregiver will be experienced and ready should the issue occur.  The center allows the individual a dedicated time to practice, learn and absorb the medical emergency as it unfolds.  During the debriefing, the caregivers discuss the session, and gain new insights into alternative actions. 

Beyond training in the center, simulations are also performed in the actual labor and delivery rooms.  Simulations in the delivery rooms allow the caregivers to work within their real day-to-day environment.  Unlike the one-on-one sessions at the center, an entire team of residents, fellows, physicians and nurses are called to action. For every emergency, we utilize a checklist to follow the performance of each individual and use this to debrief. During post simulation, the group is debriefed, and all possibilities are explored. 

After participating in our simulations, the team feels more confident in dealing with everyday emergencies as well as the rare ones. Thanks in part to Noelle, who has given birth hundreds of times this year alone, our entire staff is fully prepared to welcome strong and healthy real-life babies into this world.