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The Maimonides Community of Nurse Scholars

Celebrating Lifelong Learning

We recognize the importance of scholarship within the profession of nursing to advance practice, and believe the scope of scholarship within the discipline of nursing is knowing, teaching, and service. The mission of our Community of Nurse Scholars is to engage nurses to participate in a full range of scholarly activities including: research, evidence-based practice, performance improvement, teaching and learning, and dissemination to influence and improve the quality of nursing care provided to patients, families and the community.


Fostering a professional practice environment in which nurses engage in:

  • A spirit of inquiry and a culture of evidence-based practice resulting in the translation of knowledge into practice, advancement of the profession, and improvement in the quality of nursing care
  • Scholarly projects that are patient-centered and outcomes-focused
  • Partnerships with academic institutions to strengthen practice by leading change and advancing health through collaborative scholarship
  • A collaborative and collegial professional practice environment within the department of nursing and with other disciplines through providing consultation and resources, teaching and learning opportunities, and mentoring and coaching of scholarly activities
  • Application of nursing standards which promote professional autonomy and exemplary professional practice

Our values:

  • Delivering nursing care that translates research into practice, design innovations based on generation of new knowledge or integration of quality evidence, and achieve optimal patient, staff, organization, and community outcomes
  • Participating in educational activities to advance knowledge, enhance role performance, and achieve excellence in professional nursing practice
  • Adhering to principles of ethical and scientific integrity
  • Contributing to scholarly initiatives, programs, and conferences at the local, national and international levels