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Continuing Nursing Education & Career Development

Academic Affiliations & On-site Courses


Nursing continuing education is central to our mission and a foundation for excellence. We have long-standing academic affiliations with the best nursing education institutions available.

At Maimonides, education encompasses more than advanced medical knowledge. We encourage our nurses to become certified in their chosen clinical areas, and we also provides them with leadership development programs, conferences, symposia, lectures, grand rounds, workshops, internships and other training. These opportunities foster the management and communication skills necessary to lead in tomorrow's healthcare world.

For convenience, we offer on-site courses in partnership with Long Island University for nurses interested in earning their BSN, or MSN for those who already have their bachelor's degree. Some of our nurses who have an MSN choose to further their knowledge by serving as adjunct professors at local nursing schools.
Tuition reimbursement is available to full-time and part-time nurses earning advanced degrees in NLN or CCNE accredited nursing programs. 


Nurse Ahead

Nurse Ahead is an innovative system that ensures all of our nursing units are fully staffed at all times. If a position opens or needs temporary coverage, there is always a nurse with skills needed to immediately cover the open position.


Clinical Ladder & Senior Staff Status

Maimonides strongly supports career development. The clinical ladder is a system that encourages nurses to apply for senior staff status. Nurses become eligible to apply for level one senior staff status after they have been employed as a nurse at Maimonides for at least one year and have met the requirements.

After two years as a nurse at Maimonides and the completion of set requirements, a level one senior staff member can apply for level two senior staff status. Maimonides offers a generous salary, commensurate with each year of prior nursing experience.

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