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Clinical Ladder & Senior Nurse Leaders

Strong support for career development


The clinical ladder is a system that encourages nurses to apply for senior staff status. Nurses become eligible to apply for level one senior staff status after they have been employed as a nurse at Maimonides for at least one year and have met the requirements.

After two years as a nurse at Maimonides and the completion of set requirements, a level one senior staff member can apply for level two senior staff status. Maimonides offers a generous salary, commensurate with each year of prior nursing experience.


Senior Nurse Leaders at Maimonides

  • Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Vice President, Thomas Smith, RN
  • Assistant Vice President, Psychiatric Nursing,  Bonnie Berman, RN 
  • Director, Nursing Professional Practice, Toby Bressler, RN 
  • Chief Pediatric Nursing Officer, Providencia Casado-Monchek, RN 
  • Vice President, Ambulatory Care, Paulette Cirillo, RN 
  • Director, Nursing Education,  Paula Delfino, RN 
  • Vice President, Nursing, Dorothy Jean Graham-Hannah, RN 
  • Assistant Vice President, Emergency Nursing, Josephine Imperatrice, RN 
  • Vice President, Perioperative Services, Carol Kidney, RN 
  • Director, Nurse Recruitment & Retention, Mary Ann Radioli, RN 
  • Director Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice, Kelly Reilly, RN 
  • Vice President, Nursing, Camille Scarciotta, RN 
  • Vice President, Cancer Center, Louise Valerio, RN 
  • Assistant Vice President, Maternity Services, Lori White, RN