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About Nursing at Maimonides

Nurses are Key Members of Multidisciplinary Care Teams


Our nurses provide services that span the continuum of medical care. They are integral team members in a multidisciplinary healthcare environment. The shared goal of our nursing and medical team is to deliver high quality patient care. Our staffing levels reflect our patients' needs.










Our Nurses Bring Extensive Experience

Almost 30 percent of our nurses are certified in specialties beyond their nursing degrees and have an average of over 12 years' nursing experience. Our high retention/low staff turnover rate exemplifies the dedication our nurses have to Maimonides and the patients they serve.


Healthcare Leaders & Innovators

Nurses at Maimonides are leaders and have pioneered several hospital-wide safety and patient care initiatives. The wisdom, experience and creativity of our nurses has resulted in an increased administration rate for inpatient pneumonia vaccine, reduced delays in admissions, the creation of education programs for parents of neonatal intensive care unit babies as well as the creation of a chest pain observation unit and a pain management program. With dozens of programs, we offer a wide range of opportunities for graduate nurses. Maimonides strongly supports career development, and its clinical ladder program encourages nurses to apply for senior staff status.  


Night Shift Support Group for Nurses

The Retention Committee (RC) created a support group for new nurses working the night shift. This monthly session provides an open forum to discuss the issues and concerns of acclimating to the night shift, as well as other challenges new nurses may have.


Nurse Mentorship

The RC is in the process of creating a mentorship program for new night shift nurses. Experienced nurses on the night shift have volunteered to be mentors for new graduate nurses.