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Maimonides Scores Better than Manhattan Hospitals in Heart Valve Surgery


The New York State Department of Health just published its annual report on patient outcomes for Adult Cardiac Surgery. It will come as no surprise to New Yorkers that the news for the Maimonides Heart & Vascular Institute is once again outstanding.

The report shows mortality rates for several types of cardiac surgery. In the heart valve surgery category, the State commended Maimonides as one of four hospitals with exceptional outcomes. More significantly, the Maimonides cardiac surgery team achieved better rates than any hospital in Manhattan. This is the second year in a row that they were singled out for excellent results.  

According to Kenneth D. Gibbs, Maimonides President & CEO, “We’ve been successful in large part because world-class doctors choose to practice here, and have built outstanding programs here. This is teamwork at its best.”

“We work together daily to provide the very best options for each and every patient,” explains Dr. Greg Ribakove, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Maimonides. “It’s a privilege to collaborate with so many talented professionals and deliver this level of excellence to the communities we serve.”

The Maimonides Heart & Vascular Institute encompasses experts in cardiology, vascular and endovascular surgery, anesthesiology, interventional cardiology, radiology, electrophysiology, critical care—and cardiothoracic surgery. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, specialized technicians and therapists, and other healthcare professionals collaborate with referring physicians on the care of each and every patient.

How the NYS Reports Are Created

The process of reporting, sorting and risk-adjusting this information takes time, so the newest report reflects cases performed in 2015. And, in order to give consumers a better idea of the true level of expertise of any one hospital, the state presents the data for both a single year and a three-year period (2013 – 2015). The three-year report helps eliminate “blips” in the data when a statistical cluster of cases—good or bad—causes unusual rates for any one year. 

New York State indicates significantly better-than-expected outcomes with a double-asterisk. The prestigious ** designation received by Maimonides was for the three-year period of 2013 – 2015.  

About the Maimonides Heart & Vascular Institute

The Maimonides Heart & Vascular Institute has the collective expertise to offer patients the latest strategies for diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of cardiovascular disorders. Among the many elite programs and procedures are:

  • TAVR Procedure – Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement allows cardiac experts to repair or replace a faulty heart valve without major surgery

  • LVAD Destination Therapy – The “bridge to transplant” is now a permanent option for Heart Failure patients who don’t qualify for transplant surgery

  • Aortic Aneurysm Repair – Virtual Reality Simulation allows vascular surgeons to rehearse each repair in advance, dramatically lowering surgical risks

  • A-Fib Convergent Therapy – Atrial Fibrillation, a dangerous heart rhythm disorder that increases the risk of strokes, is eliminated by radio-ablation inside and outside the heart

Long known for excellence in cardiovascular care, the Heart & Vascular Institute at Maimonides is among the most distinguished in the nation for outstanding patient outcomes. To learn more, call 718-283-8902 or visit

Maimonides Medical Center is nationally recognized for clinical excellence across all major specialties. Our accomplished physicians are known for innovation and strengthening our teaching and research programs. With 711 beds, the Medical Center is dedicated to bringing patients the most advanced care available—anywhere. Maimonides continues to grow in response to evolving models of care that better serve patients and families, and is an affiliate of Northwell Health. To learn more, please visit here.