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Medical Education


Training Verification

The GME Administrative Assistant can verify only dates of residency and/or fellowship training. Training verification requests that require more than verification of dates must be sent to the appropriate Program Coordinator.  To request a Residency Training verification, please email or Fax (718)283-8239.


Malpractice Information

FOJP is Maimonides current Malpractice insurance company. 
If you completed a residency/fellowship at Maimonides and would like to request a Malpractice Claims History, please contact the FOJP office at (212)891-0722 Fax: (212)702-6393


Professional Liability Coverage

As members of the Maimonides Medical Center Graduate Medical Education Programs, Residents are covered for acts within the course and scope of employment. This coverage would include the practice of approved residency activities at Maimonides Medical Center, any affiliate institution and at any out-of-state institution (with prior approval of department and associate dean for GME) as part of the educational program. Professional liability coverage is provided to Residents as a benefit of employment.

Coverage is provided on an occurrence basis. This means that a Resident is covered for acts within the course and scope of his or her employment as a Resident, even if a claim or a lawsuit is brought for that occurrence after the Resident has left the employment of the Maimonides Medical Center. Coverage, therefore, is dependent on when the act occurred rather than when the claim was brought.

Effective Dates: Dates of Employment:  7/1/20__ to 6/30/20__
Carrier:  FOJP/HIC
Address:  28 East 28th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016
Telephone:  (212)891-0828
Fax:   (212)702-6396
Policy #:  7001020 HP
Primary Limits: $1 million per occurrence / $3 million per aggregate (through 12-31-06)
$1.3 million per occurrence / $7 million per aggregate (effective 01-01-07)     
Type:   Occurrence Based
If you require a claims history, please contact FOJP at the address or phone #s indicated above. 
Include the following information in your request:
Physician's Name, Institution and Dates of employment,
Signature of physician,
Date of Birth,
LAST FOUR DIGITS ONLY of social security number,
Where you want the claims history sent.