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Vascular Surgery Sub-Internship


Dr. Robert Rhee
The student will serve as an integral part of the Vascular Surgery Division. Patient care responsibilities will include history and physical exams, daily management of medical and surgical problems, and interaction with consulting services.


To function as a junior housestaff member on the Vascular Surgery Service. Management of clinical conditions and problems, which invariably affect hospitalized patients, will occur in the private office environment.

Learning Experience

Outpatient experience will occur during private office hours of the attending surgeons. Operating room exposure will be significant. Hands-on experience during the procedures which include carotid artery surgery, aortic aneurysm repair, endovascular surgery, hemodialysis access and lower extremity bypass surgery. The student will be integrated into the Vascular Surgery resident team, with responsibilities thereof. Patient presentations at conferences are expected.

Feedback and Evaluation

Daily interaction. Evaluation at the completion of the subinternship