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Medical Education

General Thoracic Surgery Elective


Provides clinical experience in evaluation and management of patients undergoing general thoracic surgery: sharing responsibility for care and treatment of hospitalized patients including teaching rounds, conferences and assisting at operations. 
Become familiar with the workup and management of a variety of benign and malignant thoracic diseases; acquire skills in a variety of technical procedures including placement and management of thoracostomy tubes; improve ability to read and interpret chest x-rays.

Learning Experience

Work closely with preceptors in the inpatient and outpatient settings as well as a member of surgical team in a primary role, contributing to solution of problems that come up daily in management of complex patients that make up the Thoracic service.  Students will regularly present patients at weekly tumor board and attend all associated teaching conferences. 

Feedback and Evaluation

Daily interaction. Evaluation at the completion of the elective.