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Medical Education

Emergency General Surgery/ Trauma (EGS) Elective


Emergency General Surgery service at our institution is the response to the need of the patients for our expertise in emergent surgical care. Emergency General Surgery is the term being used to designate the operative and medical management of the acutely ill or injured surgical patients coming to the hospital with unscheduled insults from a variety of mechanisms including trauma, burns, acute conditions in the abdomen, or necrotizing soft tissue infections. This term and its definition has been the main topic of discussion among trauma and general surgeons as the specialty of general surgery undergoes a period of intense soul searching and identity crisis. The reality of a progressive fragmentation in the delivery of surgical services is in contrast with the reality of patients presenting with acute surgical illness. While the members of the surgical specialties debate their role in acute surgical care setting, patients keep coming to our Emergency Room with acute surgical illnesses in increasing numbers. This reality is stressing an already overwhelmed system.

Learning Experience

The rendering of such care will be in the context of patient diversity for which our institution is in a unique position to provide. At the same time the students will have the opportunity to: (1) participate in the evaluation of patients with complex pathophysiology, (2) initiate multilevel therapeutic and diagnostic interventions for the sustaining of patients physiology and while doing diagnosis determination, (3) coordinate multi-specialty consultations as necessary, (4) get exposed to challenging operative experience and participate in the post-operative care and (5) weekly clinic and private outpatient experiences, as well as a broad didactic educational component. 

Feedback and Evaluation

Daily interaction. Evaluation at the completion of rotation