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Maimonides Medical Center is a 711-bed acute care voluntary institution serving as a major teaching hospital for Downstate Medical Center. The Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) organized under the Department of Psychiatry, serves a catchment area essentially encompassing all of Brooklyn. We are located in the Borough Park/Sunset Park section of the Borough although our initial charter was also to serve the Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst neighborhoods. Hasidic Jews, Latinos, Russian immigrants, and a rapidly growing Chinese enclave predominate our ethnically and religiously diverse patient population. Approximately 72 languages are spoken at Maimonides.

The CMHC has two separate 40-bed and 30-bed inpatient units for psychiatric patients. The socio-economic level of the patient population ranges from lower middle class to poverty level. The Jane B. Aron Unit serves private patients as well. Maimonides also serves a large elderly population, which attends both outpatient and inpatient clinics.

The CMHC provides the essential clinical services originally mandated by federal legislation governing such facilities -- inpatient and partial hospitalization, adult and children's outpatient services, and 24-hour emergency service. A Psychiatric Liaison Unit addresses the needs of patients who are hospitalized in the Medical Center. We have also recently opened a new Psychiatric ER.

The Division of Psychology is staffed by 17 licensed, doctoral-level psychologists. The psychologists reflect the diversity of the people that they serve both ethnically and culturally. Most of the staff has worked at the CMHC for many years as clinicians with responsibilities centered on the provision of clinical functions.

The Internship Program, under the umbrella of the Department of Psychiatry, has been in existence for over 25 years. The program complies with all APPIC guidelines and participates in the computerized match. Interns who demonstrate competence and field experience in clinical psychology, as well as show an interest in serving the public sector, are encouraged to apply. Finally, we seek students from APA approved clinical and counseling programs. Applications to the program are due November 15th.