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Psychology Externship

Maimonides Medical Center is a 711-bed voluntary hospital located in the Sunset Park-Borough Park section of Brooklyn. The Department of Psychiatry serves our community with 70 inpatient psychiatric beds, a Continuing Day Treatment Program and a variety of outpatient services, including a Child-Adolescent unit, an Adult Outpatient unit, and a Health Psychology division. The psychology staff is comprised of 17 New York State licensed psychologists located on all units of service. Maimonides Medical Center has had an APA approved clinical psychology internship program for the past 23 years.

Externship experiences are offered in the:

  1. Child and Adolescent Outpatient Service
  2. Wellness Recovery Services
  3. Adult Outpatient Services
  4. Adult Inpatient Services

Externs are given an opportunity to work directly with patients in individual, group and family therapy. They also provide psycho-diagnostic testing on patients when indicated, and receive additional supervision for these evaluations. They are supervised for a minimum of 1 hour per week and participate in all aspects of treatment related to the unit to which they are assigned. These activities include treatment planning conferences, unit staff meetings, grand rounds and hospital-wide conferences.

During the course of the externship, externs meet in weekly group sessions with their fellow externs where they receive additional instruction in a variety of topics including, psychopharmacology, career development, the role of multiculturalism in therapy, child and adolescent trauma treatment and internship preparation.

In addition to supervision with a licensed staff psychologist, externs also receive supervision from one of the current interns in a peer supervision model. There is also an opportunity for our externs to work in supportive group therapy with hospitalized inpatients, as part of the outpatient rotation.

Psychology externs and interns repeatedly described Maimonides Medical Center as having a very collegial atmosphere, where staff members are consistently available to trainees, providing them with as much support as needed. It is our aim to assist externs not only with their clinical training, but overall professional development.