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Medical Education

About Your Rotation

First Day of Your Rotation

In the morning, please report to the Office of Academic Affairs at 1032 47th Street anytime between 9:15am and 11:15am to complete other required paperwork and processes, such as IDs, lab coats, scrubs, etc. Then report to the main pediatric offices -- located in a brick “brownstone” at 977 48th Street -- by 12noon for an orientation session with one of the Pediatric Chief Residents.

If you need assistance at any time, please call your specific patient care area at the number below. If they are unavailable, you may also try calling the main Education Division number at (718) 283-7503. You may also try the Pediatric Chief Resident at (718) 283-8672 (or page them by calling (718) 283-7243, pager #0848).

Electronic Medical Records

All clinical areas rely on an electronic health record (EHR) to some extent.  Due to various patient privacy rules, students are not able to document directly in the EHR. Students will be paired with a resident for patient visits in order to get feedback and be able to document in the EHR.  The student will be expected to present patients directly to clinic attendings with the assistance of the resident. 


You will be given a schedule of the conferences on your first day. All morning (8am) conferences are required for students.  In addition, students are expected to attend any teaching sessions that occur in the clinical areas where they are assigned. You will also be asked to present a case or topic to your fellow students, residents, and attendings at least once during your time with us.