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Clinical Experience

Over the course of two years, fellows spend all their clinical time at Maimonides Medical Center. The bulk of the endovascular techniques are learned in the hybrid operating room. Fellows smoothly transition from performing more straightforward endovascular cases in order to gain basic skills, to then performing complex endovascular and hybrid cases. In addition, a wide variety of open surgical cases are performed to complement the endovascular experience. To round out their experience, fellows spend a portion of their operative time in the outpatient setting, learning ultrasound based outpatient endovascular procedures.  

The fellows lead a vascular team comprised of general surgery residents, nurse practioners, and physican assistants. They gain leadership skills in the management of many complex vascular patients during their perioperative care.

The Program Director, Dr. Robert Rhee brings years of aortic experience to the newly developed Aortic Center at Maimonides.  As such, fellows are involved in the evaluation, technical aspects, and management of both straightforward and complex endovascular and open aortic repairs, involving the thoracic and abdominal aorta.