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Pharmacy Residencies

Maimonides Medical Center is a 705-bed, world-class academic medical facility with 70 primary and specialty areas. Renowned for innovative technology and countless medical firsts, we provide the best possible care for both our patients and our employees.

Maimonides currently employs approximately 60 pharmacists, including 4 chemotherapy pharmacists and 12 clinical pharmacists. Our clinical pharmacists are present in a variety of settings throughout the hospital including Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, MICU, SICU, the Stroke Unit, and Infectious Diseases. Maimonides pharmacists also provide services to Pediatrics. 

Maimonides Medical Center has completed the installation of the McKesson automated hospital robot to add to the hospitals repertoire of technological advancements. The McKesson Robot was designed to improve both efficiency and safety in the pharmacy. It will help to lower costs in the pharmacy by improving pharmacy efficiency, decreasing the amount of medications lost to expiration, decreasing the number of missing medications, and keeping track of the medication inventory. The robot also automates medication storage, selection, return, restock, and crediting functions for 90 percent or more of the hospital's daily medication volume. The robot will even increase filling accuracy to an estimated 99 percent, thus reducing dispensing errors to an estimated 1 percent. For more info on the robot, please click here.

We appreciate your interest in our residency program at Maimonides Medical Center. Graduate Pharmacy education is part of the rich heritage and mission of Maimonides. Our program strives to provide the best educational experience in an environment that assures a balance between academic and clinical activities. We take great pride in our success in preparing residents to become the next generation of expert pharmaceutical care practitioners.