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PGY-2 Curriculum

The orthopedic residents in the second year (PGY-2) begin to assume responsibility for patient care through rotations in Pediatrics (two months), Spine (two months), Sport Medicine (two months), Foot and Ankle (two months), and General Orthopedics (including Orthopedic Trauma Surgery and Adult Reconstructive Surgery) with faculty who also take emergency calls.

The residents work under the direct supervision of a more senior resident and an individual member of the faculty on each of these rotations. The PGY-2 residents also cover orthopaedic consults on all of their rotations, providing care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries treated within the Emergency Department as well as those admitted for surgical treatment of their injuries.

The PGY-2 year is spent entirely at Maimonides.  Four months are spent in General Orthopedics (including Orthopedic Trauma Surgery and Adult Reconstructive Surgery) caring for orthopedic injuries. The resident gains experience in the operative and non-operative care of this group of patients. Stress is placed on continuity of patient care through developing skills to evaluate patients pre-operatively, medically optimizing them, as well as their postoperative treatment plans. The resident participates in an outpatient clinic and a comprehensive operative experience.

Two months are allocated for Spine Surgery. Residents work closely with the attending physician both in orthopedic and neurosurgery, rotating through the spine clinic and the practitioner’s office. The resident learns how to evaluate the spine and neurological status of the patient. He/she gains knowledge of both invasive and non-operative care of spinal deformities, spinal trauma, and degenerative disease for both children and adults. He/she gains experience in the proper use of orthotics to manage certain spinal afflictions. Preoperative planning is stressed for all patients undergoing spinal surgery. The resident participates in the preoperative planning, as well as the discharge management, of all patients on the spine service.

The residents also spend two months in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery working with two pediatric orthopedic surgeons in both hospital and private clinics. They participate in all aspect care of the child including emergency evaluation and management of orthopaedic injuries. Emphasis is made with regard to continuity of care of pediatric orthopedic pathologies, including evaluation, nonoperative and operative treatment, postoperative care, as well as rehabilitation and proper use of orthotics.

Two months are spent in our Foot and Ankle Service, where the resident will learn detail evaluation of patients including continuity of care in treating patient with diabetic foot disease.

The remaining two months are spent with orthopedic sport surgeons as an introduction to sport surgery. Residents will learn detail evaluation of patients with continuity of care through non-operative and operative treatment of sport pathologies, as well as post-operative care and rehabilitation.


PGY-2 Rotations

General Ortho-MMC (4 months)
Spine- MMC (2 months)
Pediatrics- MMC(2 months)
Sports-MMC(2 months)
Foot and Ankle- MMC (2 months)