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The Obstetrical Anesthesia Fellowship Program will prepare the fellow with the following knowledge and skills:

  1. An understanding of and ability to evaluate the patient preoperatively.
  2. An understanding of how to administer the appropriate analgesia and/or anesthesia and provide post-anesthetic care.
  3. An understanding and capability of utilizing appropriate patient monitoring.
  4. An understanding and general knowledge of investigative concepts and techniques as they relate to maternal analgesia and anesthesia and their effects on the fetus and newborn.
  5. The knowledge necessary to critically evaluate studies relative to the field of obstetrical anesthesia.
  6. The expertise required to participate as a member of the perinatal team with the obstetrician, internist, and pediatrician.
  7. The expertise to act as consultant in obstetrical anesthesia-related problems.
  8. The knowledge to assist in the management of the acutely ill obstetrical patient in the labor suite or in the ICU.