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The Interventional Cardiology Program is an accredited, one year fellowship. All applicants entering interventional cardiology must have completed an ACGME accredited cardiovascular disease program or equivalent.

Interventional Cardiology is the practice of techniques that improve coronary circulation and alleviate valvular stenosis. Interventional Cardiology encompasses the special knowledge and skill required of cardiologists to care for patients receiving cardiac interventional procedures.

During the one year in interventional cardiology, the residents' clinical experience include opportunities to diagnose, select therapies, perform interventional procedures, and manage and judge the effectiveness of treatment(s) for inpatients and outpatients with chronic coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes, and valvular heart disease. The resident is given opportunities to assume continuing responsibility both for acutely and chronically ill patients to learn the natural history of these cardiac conditions.

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