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Internal Medicine Research

Support for research aligned with your career goals


All residents in the Department of Medicine at Maimonides are encouraged to pursue research and scholarly endeavors.  We provide residents with the resources, time, and logistical support to be successful in this area.

Our Internal Medicine Residency program integrates the teaching of research techniques into the general curriculum.  There is also a departmental Director of Research who, along with two other faculty members, personally mentors and reviews the research endeavors of every house officer.  In addition, Maimonides employes a full-time biostatistician who is available to consult on any project at any stage in its development or implementation.

For those with a strong interest in research, faculty will assist you in identifying and selecting an appropriate research topic that is aligned with your career plans and fellowship education. Maimonides residents have presented at many national and regional meetings and earned national awards for both clinical and basic science research.