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The Infectious Diseases Fellowship offers an active training program in all aspects of this specialty. The fellowship is fully accredited and is offered in accordance with guidelines set by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

The postdoctoral fellowship is a two-year intensive program with rotations on the consultative services at Maimonides, which averages 100-150 new inpatients per month. Full-time faculty and voluntary attending physicians in the division supervise all rotations. Fellows also participate in rotations at Coney Island Hospital, Long Island College Hospital, and the transplant service at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Maimonides has a highly diverse patient mix that provides the fellow with an excellent clinical education as patients are seen in consultation for a broad range of infectious disease problems. Consultations range from infections in the elderly and opportunistic infections of the immune-compromised patient, to classic infections, such as endocarditis, hepatitis, malaria and tuberculosis. Twice weekly, fellows see patients in the outpatient Infectious Diseases Clinic or in division facilities. Fellows have an opportunity to see patients on the Travel Medicine Service and to provide primary care to an HIV-infected adult patient population