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Ultrasound Residency

Residency training


Emergency Ultrasonography (EUS) is well-integrated into the curriculum of the Emergency Medicine Residency. Residents spend one block in each of their first two years working in small groups with faculty members from the Emergency Ultrasound Division.

Currently, there are five EUS fellowship trained faculty working in the Maimonides Emergency Department. All ultrasounds performed in the department are recorded, which allows residents to receive detailed feedback regarding their technique and interpretations. 

In addition, mastering ultrasound-guided procedures, in particular central venous access, is emphasized. Graduates of the program are expected to be proficient in using this important technology and adept in utilizing ultrasonography in managing critically ill patients. The Emergency Ultrasound Division is directed by Dr. Eitan Dickman, who is board certified in Emergency Medicine and fellowship trained in Emergency Ultrasonography.


Ultrasound Equipment

The ED currently has 6 machines which are in active use, including a Zonare sp, Zonare ultra, SonoSite MicroMaxx and SonoSite M Turbo.  There are multiple transducers available for the many different types of exams which are performed on a daily basis in the ED.