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Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Medicine Education


What are your numbers/acuity?


Adult: 76,507
Pediatrics: 33,407
Total: 109,914


Adult: 24,336 (32% of total adult visits)
Pediatrics: 2,349 (7% of total pediatric visits)
Total: 26,685

How many shifts do residents work in the ED each block (4 weeks)?

Our residents do not work a specific number of shifts per month as our shifts are a mix of 8, 9, and 12 hour shifts. Instead, they work a specific number of hours per month based on their year of training.  Their schedule templates are averaged over the year so each resident works an equal number of hours.

How is the pediatric ED experience?

We have a dedicated pediatric emergency department staffed entirely by EM trained and/or Pediatric EM fellowship trained faculty.  There is both high volume (over 33,000 visits per year) and high acuity.  Interns complete two dedicated months in the Pediatric ED, and then 4 or 5 pediatric ED shifts are included in each PGY-2 and PGY-3 ED month; additionally, one month is spent in the PICU. More pediatrics experience can be requested during elective and selective months, such as a pediatric trauma rotation at Kings County during the PGY-3 year.

What EM Fellowships are offered at Maimonides?

We have many fellowship positions available at Maimonides including:

  • EM Ultrasound Fellowship which began in 2008 and offers two fellowship positions per year. A Pediatric EM Ultrasound Fellowship is also available; the first fellow graduated in 2011 and there is one position per year.
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship is a three-year training program and also began in 2008. There is one position available per year with three fellows currently in the department.
  • Medical Education Fellowship began in 2011. This is a two-year fellowship which includes a Master of Education and specialized training in the education of residents, medical students and attending physicians as well as participation in regional and national educational activities and conferences.
  • EM Research fellowship; this is a one-year fellowship with a variety of specialized training opportunities in research.

For more information regarding the fellowships available at Maimonides, click here.