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Anesthesiology Residency



Maimonides Medical Center is a tertiary care, independent teaching hospital located in central Brooklyn dedicated to serving its community.

Our mission is to provide superb clinical care, to innovatively educate, to perform practice-changing research, and to serve the institution, our profession, and the community. We achieve this mission using our core values: safety, teamwork, science-based treatment and innovation, professionalism, continual self-improvement and initiative, and merit-based rewards.


Anesthesiology residency program

Our Anesthesiology Residency Program is a mid-size program that offers an excellent training experience for those interested in the field of anesthesiology. The high diversity of cases performed at Maimonides Medical Center gives you hands-on opportunities to develop the clinical skills needed to become a successful anesthesiologist. Residents work closely on a daily basis with a member of the attending teaching staff in the operating room. The working environment is highly supportive and based upon respect and concern for patients and colleagues alike.

All core ACGME required residency rotations take place here. There are no mandatory rotations at other outside hospitals. The core values of our department are Patient Safety, Professionalism, Constant Improvement and Teamwork. Having all the core rotations at our home institution helps build a greater sense of Team, fosters Professionalism, and also facilitates a close relationship between residents and faculty, so our faculty members can offer the important appropriate progressive increases in patient care responsibility that fosters lifelong learning. Another asset of the program is that our best faculty members are matched to the most challenging cases.

In some institutions, the most challenging cases may be at an affiliated municipal or Veterans Administration Hospital with a different faculty. This is not the case at Maimonides, where our best faculty and cases are in one institution. Due to the complexity of the cases, there is a very high frequency of one-on-one resident supervision. Because we do not have accredited fellowships or SRNA's, there is no competition for the best, most interesting and educational cases.


Multidisciplinary teamwork

Teamwork is not just within the Department of Anesthesiology but extends to all aspects of the perioperative services arena.

In fact one of the Departmental Vice Chairmen serves as the Medical Director of Perioperative Services. The department is actively engaged in multidisciplinary scholarly activity and performance improvement projects. Several years ago the leadership of the Departments of Anesthesiology and Surgery lead the adoption of Institutional Code of Mutual Respect and provided education in conflict avoidance and resolution through the Crucial Conversations program. Proof of the success of these programs can be seen in our improved patient safety record and our now collegial professional relationships.

The success of these programs is also evident in the annual, combined Surgery, Orthopedics, Nursing, and Anesthesiology Holiday party. Further proof of the positive OR environment is the stability of the department.

Strong emphasis is placed on developing leadership and independence in both clinical and scholarly activities. The successes of these efforts are seen in the key outcome measures of the residency.



The department has been incredibly productive in scholarly work. In recent years we have averaged about 15 resident presentations per year at the various national anesthesiology meetings. Working with faculty caring for medically challenging patients during complex cases, our residents become superb, confident clinicians. The residents do well on their boards, and many are awarded fellowships at great institutions.

It is even more telling that these same fellowship programs gladly welcome our newly graduated residents year after year. A number or our recent chief residents and residents who pursued fellowships have chosen to join our faculty. They know the program better than others and have joined Maimonides to teach our residents, embrace our challenges and core values, and to enjoy a rewarding professional environment.

Our program offers unmatched patient care learning opportunities. You will work with dynamic, well trained, incentivized faculty, who together as a team have achieved a great track record on key outcome measures. We strive to provide the best educational experience in an environment that assures a balance between academic and clinical activities. We take great pride in our success in preparing residents to become the next generation of expert practitioners.