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Medical Education

Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine

As a rotating medical student, you will have the opportunity to work and learn in one of the busiest emergency departments in the country. Many of our patients are medically complicated, which provides excellent training for medical students, as well as our residents. The patient population at Maimonides represents one of the most culturally diverse populations in New York City.

In other words, you will be busy, you will be challenged, and we expect you to be very much involved! Clinically, you will participate in the complex resuscitations and procedures we perform every day. To augment your experience, we have a young and dynamic attending staff who are accessible and interested in teaching. In addition, you will be given Didactic lectures and Simulation cases on a weekly basis.

If you are strongly considering emergency medicine as a career, please let us know as soon as possible. Your performance--based on your clinical evaluations, an oral presentation, and final exam score--will determine whether you are interviewed and ultimately placed on our Match list. That being said, we hope and expect you to have a rich academic experience which will push you and enable you to have fun.  

Please contact Mrs. Angela Maravolo ( to arrange for a rotation with us.

The Emergency Medicine Department also offers interested medical students a four-week elective rotation in Emergency Ultrasonography (EUS) and a two-week elective rotation in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The EUS elective rotation will include lectures on basic and advanced applications of EUS as well as the opportunity to image patients in the ED. There is a weekly review of all ultrasounds performed in the department, during which time students will receive feedback on their imaging technique and interpretive skills. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with members of EUS Division and should complete the rotation with a solid grounding in the principles underlying bedside ultrasonography. The EMS elective rotation will introduce fourth year students to the core principles of Emergency Medical Services and will touch on the key elements of medical direction by EMS physicians. EMS is now an official subspecialty of Emergency Medicine and the field is rich with evidence-based practices and medical perspective. This elective will expose students to optimal treatment of prehospital patients in all environments ranging from wilderness to rural to tactical EMS and the fundamental framework of disaster preparedness.