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Medical education is central to our mission.

Maimonides is the largest independent teaching hospital in Brooklyn


Maimonides Medical Center is a tertiary care, independent teaching hospital located in central Brooklyn dedicated to serving our community. 

With 24 fully-accredited residency and fellowship programs, over 400 residents, 300 full-time faculty, 550 voluntary attending physicians, 4,500 employees and 700 inpatient beds, we are proud to be one of the largest independent teaching hospitals in the United States.

Medical education at Maimonides encompasses more than advanced medical knowledge. We offer the opportunity to learn in an environment which encourages professional and personal growth, while equipping you to be an expert practitioner in your chosen specialty. As strides are made toward a more integrated healthcare delivery system, we know that are at the threshold of an exciting period in American healthcare. We challenge you to take the next steps of your medical education with us.

Medical Education Programs at Maimonides

Learn about our residency and fellowship programs.
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