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Medical Education

Pioneering Immersive & Simulation-Based Training at Maimonides Medical Center


The Maimonides Center for Clinical Simulation is located on the 4th floor of the Research Building at 948 48th Street in Brooklyn, NY. This state-of-the-art facility is the first simulation center in Brooklyn to integrate live video conferencing capability virtually throughout the entire Medical Center. The Clinical Simulation Center consisits of flexible rooms which recreate a wide variety of clinical settings, dedicated procedure training areas and debriefing space, including:


Operating Room/ Recovery Room/ Labor and Delivery

Reconfigurable rooms will simulate environments for surgery, labor and delivery, and post-operative recovery during both emergent and routine scenarios. Communication strategies, clinical decision making and crisis resource management skills will be taught using high fidelity adult, pediatric and neonatal mannequins.


Emergency Department/ Intensive Care

Complex medical decision making and emergent procedures will be performed on high fidelity adult and pediatric mannequins in a re-created patient bay. Trainees actively learn the early identification and practical management of severe illness, as well as inter-disciplinary teamwork training.


Hospital Floor

Pediatric and adult inpatient rooms will be fully simulated. Active learning in these real-world rooms will promote the retention and application of target skills and behaviors.


Multi-Purpose Space

Providers will practice specialty-specific skills on task trainers such as laparoscopy, endoscopy/colonoscopy, endovascular interventions, airway management and ultrasound guided procedures, such as vascular access or regional anesthesia.


Debriefing/Conference Room

Debriefings are core to the learning experience. Through constructive debriefing sessions, health care staff observe their recorded simulation sessions. Discussion of performance and errors address specific clinical challenges and polish diagnostic and management skills.