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Maimonides Medical Center is often cited in newspapers and magazines, through TV and radio interviews, and on various websites offering expertise on a range of medical topics. Our reputation as a premier academic medical center in patient care, education and research provides the news community with a valuable source of knowledge.

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May 20, 2019

A new cancer study made headlines this week as researchers found that a low-fat diet helps reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer. The findings of this large, long-term study could have life changing results for millions of women.


April 12, 2019

Measles is contagious from four days before the appearance of the telltale rash and until four days after, so exposure often occurs without people realizing, especially during flu season, when many children show similar symptoms. One dose of the vaccine is considered more than 90 percent effective at protecting against the virus; the recommended two doses are 95 to 97 percent effective.

April 10, 2019

Allowing infants to get an extra, early dose of the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine is the latest tool to help curtail the growing measles epidemic in the United States. The CDC recommends that children get two doses of MMR vaccine. The first dose is given when the child is between 12 months and 15 months of old and the second dose is given between 4 and 6 years of age. But the New York State Health Department is advising doctors in affected areas to inform parents of the option of giving an infant an early dose of the vaccine.

April 05, 2019

Health authorities say one big reason why measles is spreading is misinformation. Dr. Agha wants to bust myths surrounding measles that she knows some parents misguidedly use to justify not getting any vaccines at all. “The biggest myth from my perspective is that they think measles is a mild viral illness with just a rash and fever.” The consequences for infants up to six months, kids with cancer and others who must forgo vaccinations for health reasons can be deadly. Side effects range from pneumonia to permanent brain damage.

April 05, 2019

Pediatrician Dr. Jeffery Avner is on the front lines of a measles outbreak that is showing no signs of slowing down.“When you see a disease that is preventable with a vaccination, it is somewhat disheartening,” said Avner, the Chair of Pediatrics at Maimonides Children’s Hospital of Brooklyn. 


April 04, 2019

News 12 Correspondent Lena Salzbank recently interviewed Maimonides Director of Infectious Disease Dr. Edward Chapnick. Chapnick says the MMR shot is 97% effective. According to Chapnick, the spread of the virus could be stopped if at least 90% of the community takes part in immunization. 

April 04, 2019

Pictured are Dr. Israel Jacobowitz with Georgine and Juan Sotus, several weeks after Juan had surgery that changed the course of his life forever. The story began in their native Puerto Rico where Juan, a former lawyer, was diagnosed with terminal heart disease, compounded by Parkinson’s disease. In fact, Juan’s doctors recommended hospice care for him. Despite his ailments, his family refused to give up on him.