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Join the Family Advisory Board

Has your child been a patient at the Children's Hospital or received care at one of our clinics? We invite you to join our Family Advisory Board.

The Family Advisory Board is a diverse, parent-led group that works in collaboration with the Children's Hospital leadership to promote family-centered healthcare.

As a parent, you know what it's like to bring your child to the hospital, hear your child diagnosed with an illness, wait anxiously while your child is in the operating room, or live day-to-day with a child suffering from a chronic illness. As a member of the Family Advisory Board, sharing your experience and knowledge will allow us to enhance the practices of family-centered care. Families are our teachers. You have the ability to directly improve the care delivered by our pediatric physicians, nurses, residents, child life specialists and staff.

To become a member, simply fill out the Family Advisory Board Application and return it to the address indicated on the form.