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Community for Kids Benefit

Join us November 29, 2018 at El Caribe in Brooklyn


Community for Kids is an annual celebration that raises funds to provide quality care for children with neurologic injuries or disorders, from the moment of injury or diagnosis through outpatient rehabilitation.

While children with broken bones and bruises can heal with the right expertise, children with neurologic injuries require a more comprehensive approach. Maimonides Medical Center’s Pediatric Trauma Center (the only Pediatric Trauma Center in the borough) and our outstanding Children’s Hospital (the only comprehensive Children’s Hospital in Brooklyn) ensure that these children are not only cared for by experts in the field, but in a state-of-the-art facility friendly to children and their parents.

We provide the finest care in all major medical and surgical pediatric specialties, giving young patients the best opportunity to grow and develop to their maximal potential. As the borough continues to expand with ever more young families making their homes and livelihoods here, the creation, maintenance and expansion of vital pediatric services at Maimonides reflect our serious ongoing commitment to the children of Brooklyn.

Maimonides relies on support from generous donors all year round. If you'd like to make a gift today to help us better serve children and families in Brooklyn, please click here.