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The Children's Hospital Awards, News and Events

Brooklyn's First Designated Children's Hospital

The Children's Hospital is the first hospital in Brooklyn to be designated a children's hospital (within a hospital) by the National Association of Children's Hospitals & Related Institutions (NACHRI), now known as Children's Hospital Association (CHA). This recognition is awarded to hospitals that serve as regional centers for children's health, provide highly specialized care for complex and rare conditions, and help children grow up healthy through preventative and primary care. The Children's Hospital is part of a collective group of health systems devoted to the well-being of America's children and their families, no matter how sick or how poor.

"There is a very special passion associated with the beginning of life, the progression of family, and the building of a community," said Maimonides President and CEO Ken Gibbs. "Our mission is to place the family at the center of care for a child, and it is our responsibility to enhance each family's ability to promote the health and well-being of its child".

CHA is a not-for-profit membership association of children's hospitals, large pediatric units of medical centers and related organizations, including those that specialize in rehabilitative and long-term care of children with serious chronic or congenital illnesses. CHA President and CEO Lawrence A. McAndrews states: "Because of their singular focus on children, medical centers like the Children's Hospital are able to identify emerging trends and problems associated with the health of children and to develop treatment programs drawing on the expertise of pediatric researchers and practitioners."  Widely recognized for its major achievements in medical technology and patient satisfaction, the Children's Hospital expertly serves the distinct needs of New York residents while attracting patients from around the globe.