1 in 8 women will have breast cancer. Maybe your friend, mother or sister was diagnosed - maybe it was you...

  • Was there a defining moment in your treatment? 
  • A special connection with a physician? 
  • An instance of perseverance? 
  • A moment when you realized that things were going to get better? 

There are two easy ways to share:

1. Write about your experience. Share a few lines in the text box below. Have a photograph? Simply upload it to accompany your story.

2. Upload a 30-90 second video about a memorable moment that you would like to share with others. We will bring together these stories to form a collage of shared experiences.

* Please note stories may be edited for length.

Giving Hope Through Shared Experiences

Breast cancer survivors are coming together to tell their stories. Click here to read their inspiring stories, words of encouragement and treatment tips.