Today, the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Greg H. Ribakove, offers a comprehensive range of cardiac procedures unmatched in Brooklyn and equaled by only a few centers in the New York metropolitan area. Our cardiac team treats a broad range of diseases of the heart and chest, and specialize in innovative approaches to coronary artery bypass, atrial fibrillation, thoracic aneurysm, and valve disease. Improved treatment of valve disease is one of the exciting stories of modern medicine.

Dr. Greg Ribakove talking to a patient.Our Center for Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery – rare among cardiothoracic centers – routinely performs valve procedures using less invasive, more patient friendly techniques. Many of these techniques were developed or refined by our cardiothoracic surgeons.

Whether patients come to us via bridge, tunnel or plane, our team of highly experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the kind of outstanding, individualized care that patients expect, along with compassionate support throughout the process.