Outreach, Education & Encouragement for Women in Brooklyn

Women’s Heart to Heart is an initiative of the Maimonides Heart and Vascular Center which educates women on the facts and risks of heart disease. We are committed to increasing access for women in communities throughout Brooklyn to all of the programs at Maimonides that address woman’s health issues. We encourage women to seek preventative care and changes in their lifestyle to reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by providing direct access to Maimonides physicians and programs. Women can visit The WomenHeart Website where they can find information.

To learn more about women and heart disease, including risk factors and symptoms specific to women, click here. Call the Maimonides Heart & Vascular Center at (718) 283-8902 to make an appointment today for any of the following services:

If you would like to determine your risk for heart attack, please use the American Heart Association's Heart Attack Risk Calculator.

Are you ready to get heart healthy? Learn about stress and weight management, how to quit smoking, and pick up some healthy recipes and exercise tips by clicking here.