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Structural Heart Center in Brooklyn, NY


Call (718) 283-7364 for an appointment with a Structural Heart specialist or request an appointment online.

The Structural Heart Center is comprised of interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, and it also requires the expertise of an echocardiologist and radiologist who specialize in structural and functional heart abnormalities. There are various treatment options for patients with heart valve disease and adult congenital defects.

The entire Structural Heart team meets on a weekly basis to review the best treatment plan for every individual patient. More than 6 years ago, Maimonides became the first hospital in Brooklyn to perform the TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedure for patients with severe aortic stenosis. Since then, our exceptional TAVR Program has performed more than 350 TAVR procedures in patients with severe aortic stenosis who are at intermediate- to high-risk for open-heart valve surgery.

We are the only center in Brooklyn performing the percutaneous mitral clip procedure in patients with significant mitral regurgitation (often caused by mitral valve prolapse) who are at prohibitive risk for open-heart mitral valve surgery, thus improving the severity of mitral valve regurgitation and quality of life outcomes.

In addition, Maimonides is the only hospital with over seven years of experience performing percutaneous PFO/ASD Closures. This procedure is offered as part of our Stroke Prevention Program, where we collaborate with the neurology team on a daily basis.

Our Focus on Patient Education

Our gifted team of physicians and surgeons is dedicated not only to providing the most outstanding care available but also to educating patients about the structure of the heart and its function.

We take the time to help our patients understand the difference between a heart murmur and an arrhythmia. We explain the different types of heart murmurs, heart murmur symptoms, and heart murmur causes, such as aortic valve stenosis. And we help our patients understand what terms like “aortic regurgitation” mean, and what’s involved in heart valve replacement surgery.

In short, we empower patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare.


The Maimonides Structural Heart Team


Cardiothoracic Surgeons


Interventional Cardiologists


Structural Heart Center Coordinator

  • Lindsey Hart, MSN, AGNP-BC