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Committed to Clinical Research

Clinical research has always been a priority at Maimonides Medical Center. Our physicians and scientists are committed to continuing the progress of medicine and surgery. Our physicians are involved in a host of clinical research projects, resulting in numerous publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. Our large and diverse community of patients, and the ample support of the institution allow for meaningful and beneficial research projects. Some of the clinical research areas that our vascular surgeons are involved in include: outcomes in aortic aneurysm surgery, best modalities of treatment of aortic aneurysms, outcomes in peripheral arterial disease, diseases of the carotid artery and treatment of venous disorders.

In addition, our clinicians are involved in cutting edge clinical trials involving some of the newest technology and modalities of treatment. As such, our surgeons are avidly involved in identifying the best modes of prevention and treatment for different disease processes. Our team is working on both industry-sponsored as well as institutional trials, as well as registry data collection for national societal studies.  Clinical trials our team has been or will be involved with include: branched grafts for endovascular aneurysm repair, new endovascular aortic aneurysm technologies, carotid artery stenting, novel drugs aiding in thrombolysis, venous stenting, image enhanced treatment of peripheral arterial disease, and MR assisted diagnosis and treatment of venous disease.

With the support of the department of surgery, we have a thriving basic science research laboratory headed by Theresa Jacob, PhD. She studies novel molecular mechanisms of preventing surgical grafts from failing. The results observed in the laboratory will hopefully translate to meaningful clinical data in the future