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Fully Accredited Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory

The Maimonides Division of Vascular Surgery is fortunate to have a well established Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Vascular Testing (ICAVL) accredited vascular ultrasound lab. The lab performs screening, diagnostic, and post-operative non-invasive imaging using state of the art ultrasound and Doppler machines.  Our technicians have years of experience performing both routine and complex ultrasound studies, rendering valuable clinical information to our surgeons.  

We have two ultrasound facilities – one located within the hospital for inpatient hospital studies, and the second located in our outpatient office at 947 49th street. Our staff is always available, allowing for ultrasound studies to be done in the same setting as the office visit to the physician.  

Our technicians perform a range of studies including: carotid artery duplex, mesenteric artery duplex, peripheral arterial duplex, venous reflux evaluation, venous DVT studies, vein mapping for bypass surgery or hemodialysis access creation, lower extremity Ankle Brachial Indices (ABIs) and Pulse Volume Recording (PVRs) for peripheral arterial disease, aortic aneurysm studies (screening, surveillance, and post-operative follow up), and several other studies.