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Tips for kids!
Get Outside and Active this Summer 


  • Pediatricians recommend that children should get at least one hour of physical activity every day

  • Physical activity has many health benefits for children, including building strong muscles and bones, increased energy and concentration at school, healthy growth and development, healthy body weight, and more.


  • Try different activities! It's great for kids to do different activities that use different muscles, like running, walking, jumping rope, and basketball and other games

  • Go to the playground! Check out this interactive map of parks in Brooklyn. The parks offer many different types of activity, including playgrounds, basketball courts, soccer fields, walking/bike paths, and more

  • Your 60 minutes of exercise doesn't have to happen all at once, try doing some activity a few times a day for shorter amounts of time

  • Turn off the TV or computer! The less time you spend in front of a screen, the more time you have for other activities

  • Dance to the music around the house

  • Try walking to school and to other daily activities










  • Check out our new interactive map of parks in your Brooklyn neighborhoods. NYC Parks have playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, walking and biking paths, and more!

  • Did you know the Department of Parks and Recreation offers FREE fitness classes in your neighborhood? Check out Shape Up NYC classes near you

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