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Make Exercising a Positive Experience




  • Sometimes we think of exercise as a chore or something you're forced to do. If you think about exercise as a reward, it's a fun way to get a boost of energy and stay healthy.

  • Exercise can help relieve stress, improve concentration at work or school, help you sleep better at night, helps keep a healthy weight, and gives you more energy!



  • Reward children with a trip to the park, zoo, or beach where you can check out a new neighborhood.

  • Dance to the music! It gets your heart pumping and your pulse up, and it's so much fun.

  • Ask a friend to join you on a walk or bike ride. You can take a stroller along and walk with your baby.









  • Check out our new interactive map of parks in your Brooklyn neighborhoods. NYC Parks have playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, walking and biking paths, and more!

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