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It's Summer! Get Outside and Active
In Your Neighborhood 


  • We're often less active in the winter when it's cold outside. Now that it's summertime and warm out, being outside is a great way to stay active, limit screen time, and take part in social events and gatherings.


  • Walk to your destination instead of taking the bus, Subway, or a car. And if it's too far to walk to, get off the bus or Subway one stop further from your destination to walk a few extra minutes.

  • pend time at a local park or playground this weekend with your kids or pets.

  • Organize a picnic in the park! Invite friends and family to enjoy a day outside.

  • Walk around when you're watching your kids play on the playground or at a game, instead of sitting on the sidelines.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water when you're outside and active.


Kids playing outdoors









  • Check out our new interactive map of parks in your Brooklyn neighborhoods. NYC Parks have playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, walking and biking paths, and more!

  • Did you know the Department of Parks and Recreation offers FREE fitness classes in your neighborhood? Check out Shape Up NYC classes near you.

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