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Maimonides Medical Center has a long and proud tradition of providing quality healthcare and conducting business in full compliance with the law and with the highest standards of business ethics. Maintaining an environment of integrity, honesty and respect is an integral part of that commitment and contributes to our continued success as the premier healthcare facility in Brooklyn. The Maimonides Corporate Compliance Program in part outlines how we achieve these goals.

One major feature of our program is the ability for anyone to bring forth a potential compliance issue and know that it will be investigated promptly and acted upon accordingly. Reports may be made directly to the Compliance Officer or anonymously to the Compliance Helpline.

The Corporate Compliance program is outlined in the Code of Conduct and the Compliance Guidelines.

The federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 requires hospitals receiving Medicaid revenues to provide information to employees concerning the Federal False Claims Act, state laws concerning false claims, the hospitals' own policies for preventing and detecting fraud, waste or abuse and an employee's right to be protected from retaliation.

A Message From Sandra C. Maliszewski, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer


Compliance Contact Information

Report suspected violations - if in doubt, seek help.

Corporate Compliance Officer: 718-283-6002

Compliance Helpline: 1-800-585-7970