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Neonatology Intensive Care Unit

The Best in Medical Excellence

The Norma Sutton Neonatology Center is staffed by seven full-time board certified neonatologists, three nurse practitioners, two house physicians and experienced neonatal nurses. In-house coverage by a board certified Neonatologist is provided 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week for all high-risk deliveries and care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Maimonides Medical Center is a NYS-designated Regional Perinatal Center in recognition of excellence in the delivery of maternity and neonatal care.

As part of our services, we provide care in a newly renovated, state-of-the-art Neonatology Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, speech, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and patient representatives offer a full complement of pediatric sub-specialists in the NICU and are committed to enhancing their knowledge through continuing education.

Family-Centered Care
Patient care in the NICU at Maimonides is family-centered. While our primary focus is on the care of our precious little patients, we also take into account the needs of the entire family. The parents, siblings, grandparents and all other individuals who are a part of the family unit are seen as an integral element of the infant's health and included in the care of the infant as much as possible. We encourage prospective parents and families to visit us and talk with staff to learn more about how we care for infants.

The center participates with most insurance programs. Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding coverage.

Physicians & Staff
The staff represents the best in medical excellence and compassionate care. Seven neonatologists, three nurse practitioners and two house physicians listed below, as well as the full staff of neonatal nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, provide high-quality medical care to infant patients.

What is neonatology?
Neonatology is the art and science of diagnosis and treatment of newborns , from birth to 28 days. Pediatricians who specialize in this particular area of newborn care are called neonatologists; neonatal nurse practitioners are fully certified registered nurses (RNs) who have two extra years of training in the area of caring for the neonate.

When should I consult a neonatologist?
The Division of Neonatology is always available whenever serious complications arise. We work closely with the Division of Perinatology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who alert us to any mother who is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Consultative services are available in conjunction with the perinatology division at any point in your pregnancy. In other cases, when serious conditions develop at birth or shortly thereafter, a neonatologist can be called to consult on a case or on an emergency basis.