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For Visiting International Patients

We offer a full range of services dedicated to meeting the special needs of international patients, their families and personal physicians. As a patient you will receive the expertise of highly skilled medical and nursing staff that are in the forefront of patient care, scientific research, and the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Traveling from another country for medical treatment is difficult enough without the added uncertainty that comes with facing new places and people.  Our specially trained, multilingual staff will work to meet your health care needs and make your stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible.  At Maimonides, language is never an issue.  In addition to English, our Patient Relations Department has translation capabilities in many languages. Maimonides and our physicians also have long-standing affiliations with institutions in Grenada, India, Italy, Israel and more.


Getting Started as an International Patient


Prior to scheduling a procedure, we recommend:

  • Call the United States embassy or consulate in your country to verify Visa requirements for U.S. entry
  • Should you and your physician determine that treatment at Maimonides is appropriate, request a medical service cost estimate of your anticipated treatment

Once the procedure is scheduled, we suggest you:

  • Make sure all your travel documents and medical records are in order, including:
    • A passport, Visa or other photo identification
    • Full medical records (translated into English).  Include all test reports and surgery reports, treatment records, and laboratory results
    • All films (for example, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans), along with relevant reports translated into English
    • Glass pathology slides if applicable, along with the original report and a copy of the pathology report translated into English
  • Carry your medical records, films and medications with you in case your luggage is lost or delayed
  • Fill prescriptions for any medications that you must take regularly, and bring them with you.  Some medications may not be approved for distribution in the United States and we may need to identify the generic version

Financial Information

It can be difficult to think about financial matters when considering medical treatment and care.  However, knowing what to expect at the beginning, and understanding the payment and billing process, can help eliminate surprises.

Should you and your physician determine that treatment at Maimonides is appropriate, you can request a medical service cost estimate relating to your anticipated treatment. The physician will contact the Finance Department of the Medical Center to prepare a single bill for all hospital and physician services.

Payment in Advance - Maimonides requires full payment, in advance, prior to seeing a physician.  We accept payment in the form of a major credit card, traveler's check, certified check, and wire transfer.  Wire transfer payments must be received 72 hours prior to treatment.  The Medical Center adheres to the Internal Revenue Service's reporting guidelines.


For Referring Physicians

Maimonides Medical Center offers a number of services designed to ensure continuity of patient care, and to assist physicians who may wish to refer a patient to us for further care.  These services include:

  • Access to Maimonides physicians for consultation and second opinions
  • Regular status reports on patient progress
  • Translation and faxing of medical records
  • Access to continuing medical education courses
  • Assistance in arranging observerships and obtaining information on areas of medical interest at Maimonides

Maimonides is one of the largest independent teaching hospitals in the United States with physicians from nearly every medical specialty. Click here to Find a Physician.


Nearby Hotels

Reasonably priced accommodations are available in the area for family members, including:

Avenue Plaza Hotel
4624 13th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11219
Telephone: +1-718 552-3200

New York Marriott Brooklyn
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: +1-718 246-7000

Best Western, Gregory Hotel
8315 Fourth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Telephone: +1-718 238-3737


Patient Support Services

The Medical Center offers patient support services that are intended to provide assistance and comfort.  Our concierge and patient representatives are available around the clock to assist you.  For detailed information on these programs, as well as visiting hours, transportation information, Patient Rights and Privacy, visit Patient & Visitor Information.


You're in the best hands at Maimonides - World Renowned Medical Services


Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, also referred to as weight loss surgery, is performed when patients have exhausted non-surgical weight loss options and have a medical need for significant weight reduction.  Our bariatric team is committed to the care and education of you and your family.  Minimally invasive surgical techniques are used whenever possible.  To learn more about the surgery or to determine if you may be a candidate for the surgery, please contact the office today at +1-718 283-7602. 

Orthopedic Surgery

The field of orthopedic surgery is dedicated to improving mobility and function while minimizing the pain and discomfort of bone, joint, muscle and ligament problems. The Medical Center's team of talented and skilled orthopedic surgeons treats the full range of musculoskeletal conditions from simple fractures to severe arthritis of the hips and knees, sports-related injuries, scoliosis, spinal disorders and neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy, pediatric orthopedics and congenital problems.  When orthopedic surgery is the recommended treatment, you can be assured that we are a center of surgical excellence.  Not only will top-rated orthopedic surgeons treat you, but you will also benefit from specially trained orthopedic nurses, and a comprehensive rehabilitation service.  The program for pediatric orthopedics has received international attention for its treatment of movement disorders in children.


Our cardiologists receive the highest level of training in cardiac care. They have access to the most sophisticated testing and monitoring technology.  With some of the best cardiac resources in the country, they can offer you and your family the expertise, comfort and compassion needed.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Maimonides has a long prestigious history in cardiothoracic surgery. We pioneered the first human heart transplant operation in the U.S.; developed the first commercial pacemaker and the first intra-aortic balloon pump. Today, with approximately 1,200 surgical procedures a year, the division of cardiothoracic surgery is among the busiest and most successful programs in the New York City metropolitan area.  It acts as a regional training center for cardiac surgeons and trains some of the nation's leading surgeons, and acts as a major research facility.

Interventional Cardiology

If you are a patient with heart disease who needs a more involved diagnostic work-up or therapeutic procedure, the Medical Center's interventional cardiology program is considered second to none.  New York State statistics have repeatedly confirmed that our catherization lab yields the best possible outcomes for patients.  The program is often cited for its superb team of physicians and the application of the most advanced technology, including coated stents.

Vascular Surgery

Maimonides maintains the first and only vascular laboratory in Brooklyn and the largest in New York State.  Surgical expertise includes carotid artery surgery for prevention of stroke, abdominal aneurysm repair and limb salvage.  Our surgeons have developed endoscopic techniques to make vein surgery less painful and more effective; and were also the first to perform bypass operations using a new non-invasive methodology called duplex arterial mapping. This is particularly important for patients who are not candidates for angiograms due to diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney problems.